The Race

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Drill Only: $895.00
Music Only: $140.00

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Music Selections
Genre: Contemporary
Music Grade: 4.5
Performance Time: 6:43
Tapestry Of Nations/Chaos from Disneys Millenium Celebration* Jay Bocook, Will Rapp
Great Moments in Cinema Part 2* Jay Bocook

* Please note: this item will be printed at the time of ordering and will ship as soon as possible.

Drill Included Drill Sizes
Drill Grade: 3
Drill Designer: Jeff Fackler
Total Drill Sets: 38
39 Woodwinds 33 Brass 14 Percussion 20 Guard 106 Total
33 Woodwinds 27 Brass 12 Percussion 16 Guard 88 Total
27 Woodwinds 21 Brass 10 Percussion 12 Guard 70 Total
20 Woodwinds 16 Brass 9 Percussion 10 Guard 55 Total
13 Woodwinds 11 Brass 8 Percussion 8 Guard 40 Total
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It has been said that the longest journey begins with a single step; the starting line is the most important challenge in life. This dramatic show concept takes the audience through the emotional and physical trial of the runner. You'll hear the warmup to the starter's pistol, a stately ballad which could be a great vehicle to pay tribute to great racing moments of the past or even "the wall", and the final push to the finish line. This show is full of conceptual opportunity with props, tarps and narration!

What's Included in the Price?

  • Published Wind/Percussion Score and Parts
  • Digital Drill Design Package
    • Convenient download format
    • All adaptable drill sizes included
    • PDF portfolio containing drill charts and coordinate sheets
    • Pyware files for editing (Pyware 10 or higher required)
    • Drill animation in Quicktime format
  • Regional Protection
    • Licensing is granted for both the 2020 AND 2021 seasons!
    • Drill only is protected on a first come-first serve basis
    • Exclusivity for a 100 mile radius, regardless of state lines
    • Other considerations include size and competition class

Price includes license rental of drill design for one competitive season only.

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