Classical Innovations

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Drill Only: $895.00
Music Only: $280.00

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Music Selections
Genre: Classical
Music Grade: 3.5
Performance Time: 7:26
Kanon In D Tom Wallace
Allegro Barbaro (with percussion insert) Wallace
A Rachmaninoff Portrait Dawson
Ode to Joy Tom Wallace
Drill Included Drill Sizes
Drill Grade: 3
Drill Designer: Serge Walsh
Total Drill Sets: 52
72 Woodwinds 14 Percussion 20 Guard 106 Total
60 Woodwinds 12 Percussion 16 Guard 88 Total
48 Woodwinds 10 Percussion 12 Guard 70 Total
36 Woodwinds 8 Percussion 10 Guard 54 Total
24 Woodwinds 8 Percussion 8 Guard 40 Total
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Innovation and music go hand-in-hand. Here you will hear (and see) some iconic, game-changing composers of each era from the Baroque through 20th century music: Pachelbel, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Bartok.

What's Included in the Price?

  • Published Wind/Percussion Score and Parts
  • Digital Drill Design Package
    • Convenient download format
    • All adaptable drill sizes included
    • PDF portfolio containing drill charts and coordinate sheets
    • Pyware files for editing (Pyware 10 or higher required)
    • Drill animation in Quicktime format
  • Regional Protection
    • Drill only is protected on a first come-first serve basis
    • Exclusivity for a 100 mile radius, regardless of state lines
    • Other considerations include size and competition class

Price includes license rental of drill design for one competitive season only.

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