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Corazón Partido

Corazón Partido


Arranger(s): Steve Martin & Aaron Hines
Composer(s): Steve Martin & Aaron Hines

Grade: 3

Spanish culture is known for its unparalleled passion for love, religion, the arts, and especially, dance. Steve's rich, intense piece, translated to "Heartbroken", provides a vehicle for your movement program to shine. Intense color can paint a vivid picture through costume, panels and flags. Movement titles are based on interaction between performers, translating to "Passionate Dance", "Spanish Heart", and "Night Street".

1. Pasion Danza
2. Corazon Espanoles
3. Calles Noche

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Item #: corazón-partido
Publisher: GPG Music
Duration: 7:28
Genre: Latin
Usage: Complete Show

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