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Anna Lynn Dancing

Anna Lynn Dancing


Arranger(s): Thomas Bough & Jim Bailey
Composer(s): Thomas Bough & Jim Bailey

Grade: 3

Anna Lynn Dancing is a musical representation of a young girl at play, dancing and twirling without a care in the world. The first movement starts quietly but builds into a joyful, exuberant outburst. A hauntingly beautiful Alto Saxophone solo forms the basis of a beautiful contrasting middle section before the energetic theme returns.
The second movement begins with a woodwind chamber ensemble, followed by a duet for solo trumpet and concert snare drum, which leads to a powerfully moving rendition of the hymn "Amazing Grace". This movement depicts a calmer, more reflective dance. The final movement is more of a fun and funky dance, which leads to a reprise of the opening theme.

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Item #: anna_lynn_dancing
Publisher: GPG Music
Duration: 7:13
Genre: Contemporary/Symphonic
Usage: Complete Show

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