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21: ADELE (Gr. 1)
AC/DC (Gr. 1)
Aerosmith (Gr. 1)
ALT (Gr. 1)
The Avengers (Gr. 1)
Aztec Gold (Gr. 1)
The Beach Bo... (Gr. 1)
The Beatles (Gr. 1)
Bon Jovi (Gr. 1)
Boogie! (Gr. 1)
Bruno Mars (Gr. 1)
Carmen (Gr. 1)
Chase (Gr. 1)
Chicago (Gr. 1)
Colors Of Ja... (Gr. 1)
Country Hits (Gr. 1)
Disney Magic (Gr. 1)
Don't Stop M... (Gr. 1)
Earth, Wind ... (Gr. 1)
The Eighties (Gr. 1)
Elvis (Gr. 1)
The Eras Of ... (Gr. 1)
Fall Out Boy (Gr. 1)
Foo Fighters (Gr. 1)
Funk Standar... (Gr. 1)
The Greatest... (Gr. 1)
Green Day (Gr. 1)
Happy Hallow... (Gr. 1)
Heavy Metal (Gr. 1)
House Party (Gr. 1)
Imagine Drag... (Gr. 1)
James Bond (Gr. 1)
Jimi Hendrix (Gr. 1)
John William... (Gr. 1)
Journey (Gr. 1)
Just Dance (Gr. 1)
Lady Gaga (Gr. 1)
Larger Than ... (Gr. 1)
Latin Magic (Gr. 1)
Latin Rhythm... (Gr. 1)
Led Zeppelin (Gr. 1)
Mangione Mag... (Gr. 1)
Motown (Gr. 1)
Motown Magic (Gr. 1)
Pirates of t... (Gr. 1)
Pitbull (Gr. 1)
Pop Punk (Gr. 1)
Queen Of Sou... (Gr. 1)
Rihanna (Gr. 1)
Riverdance (Gr. 1)
Rock Heroes (Gr. 1)
Rock The Hou... (Gr. 1)
The Rolling ... (Gr. 1)
Stadium Rock (Gr. 1)
Star Wars: T... (Gr. 1)
Stevie Wonde... (Gr. 1)
Styx (Gr. 1)
Toon Tunes (Gr. 1)
West Side St... (Gr. 1)
Wild Wild We... (Gr. 1)

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Guard Choreography
Band Choreography

AVBundle® Guide

This unique product consists of a complete pre-written drill design, packaged with 3 to 5 musical compositions or arrangements. Designed for the band with individual budget or time restrictions, the AVBundle brings some of the world's best composers, arrangers, and drill designers into your band room. Six unique series' offer grade 1* up to competitive grade 4 drill and music. Each drill is easy to adapt to most any band's instrumentation with drill sizes for small to large bands**. Musical themes include a wide variety of classical, symphonic, broadway and rock/pop.

*Our grade 1 series is specifically designed for beginner and "Friday-night" bands.  They are ideal for those bands without the time or resources to put together a complex field show and/or simply want a crowd-pleasing production. Competitive use is left to the discretion of the customer.

**See individual show information for available drill sizes.


  1. Piano Man: The Music of Billy Joel
  2. QUEEN
  3. ELVIS!
  5. Shades Of Latin
  6. Comic Book Heroes
  7. Latin Magic
  8. Motown
  9. Rock Art
  10. 007