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Dance Derby

Dance Derby


Arranger(s): Adam Wilke, Aaron Hines & Shealley Gumiran
Composer(s): Adam Wilke, Aaron Hines & Shealley Gumiran

Grade: 3

The 1920s was a period of wild living and fleeting fads, among which was a craze for strange record-breaking contests. Dance marathons sprung up everywhere, a celebration of life, public spirit, and nationalism, and hope for brief fame. When Miss Alma Cummings danced an astounding 27 hours, simple hourly contests of dance endurance quickly became entertainment spectacles. Depression-era marathons were an amalgamation of social dance, popular music, theatre and sport. Our score creatively weaves various dance and musical styles for an exhaustive showcase of your auxiliary and band’s movement skills.

1. Dancers, Are You Ready?
2. Round 1
3. Round 2
4. Round 3
5. Round 4

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Item #: dance-derby
Publisher: GPG Music
Duration: 7:51
Genre: Contemporary/Symphonic
Usage: Complete Show

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