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Arranger(s): Gary P. Gilroy & Aaron Hines
Composer(s): Gary P. Gilroy & Aaron Hines

Grade: 3.5

Afterworld is based on Dante Alighieri's literary classic The Divine Comedy. The story of Dante's trilogy is very basic: one day Dante finds himself lost in a dark wood. Virgil, a character based on the revered Roman poet, appears and rescues him. Virgil guides Dante to a contemplation of Hell and Purgatory. Dante, having confessed his faults, and with Beatrice as his guide, is led into Paradise and attains a glimpse of the face of God. There have been many musical interpretations of this magnificent work, but Gary's new work for the field stands out as a masterful narrative of this journey through the afterlife.

1. Infernus
2. Purgatorio
3. Paradisus

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Item #: afterworld
Publisher: GPG Music
Duration: 7:20
Genre: Contemporary/Symphonic
Usage: Complete Show

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