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Arranger(s): Steve Martin, Aaron Hines, Shealley Lee
Composer(s): Steve Martin, Aaron Hines, Shealley Lee

Grade: 3

Explore the eternal struggle between the concepts of Yin and the Yang and the seemingly opposite or contrary forces that may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.
We introduce the show trying to find balance. Following this, we explore the struggle to keep ourselves centered within everyday life and the unexpected. We then look inward and realize that others cannot give us the energy we need. Only then do we find the key to a balanced life.

1. Perfect Harmony
2. The Flow of Life
3. Conflict
4. What lies within
5. The True Meaning

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Item #: balance
Publisher: GPG Music
Duration: 7:35
Genre: Ethnic
Usage: Complete Show

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