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Cirque Du Lune

Cirque Du Lune


Arranger(s): Steve Martin & Blair Williams
Composer(s): Steve Martin & Blair Williams

Grade: 3.5

This amusing yet terrorizing new production draws your audience into a sideshow that isn’t quite as it seems. Tap into the most pervasive of fears and send in the evil clowns, followed by the unsettling strains of an unfortunate fortune. The madhouse culminates in three rings of headless jugglers, crazed animals and ghostly acrobats!

1. Step Right Up!
2. The Clowns
3. Misfortune Teller
4. Three Rings of Terror

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Item #: cirque-du-lune
Publisher: GPG Music
Duration: 7:01
Genre: Novelty
Usage: Complete Show

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