The Storm

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Drill Only: $1,150.00
Music Only: $1,500.00

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Music Selections
Genre: Contemporary
Music Grade: Medium
Composer: John Meehan, John Pollard
Performance Time: 7:18
1. Off Shore Waltz
2. Something's Brewing
3. The Eye
Drill Included Drill Sizes
Drill Designer: Serge Walsh
Total Drill Sets: 59
17 Woodwinds 15 Brass 8 Percussion 9 Guard 49 Total
26 Woodwinds 22 Brass 10 Percussion 12 Guard 70 Total
29 Woodwinds 27 Brass 12 Percussion 15 Guard 83 Total
35 Woodwinds 29 Brass 12 Percussion 15 Guard 91 Total
37 Woodwinds 35 Brass 14 Percussion 18 Guard 104 Total
43 Woodwinds 37 Brass 14 Percussion 18 Guard 112 Total
52 Woodwinds 44 Brass 16 Percussion 21 Guard 133 Total
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Storms can pummel the landscape into submission. Turbulent one moment and the calm before the storm the next; this show alters between the awesome power of the nature of the mind and the mind of nature. Gradually turning from dark to light, visually and musically, the passing of the storm clouds lifts the veil of repression from the earth and one's own mental state, allowing aspirations to thrive as we're given the power to face the challenges of tomorrow.

What's Included in the Price?

  • Regional Exclusivity
    • Music and Drill are protected on a first come-first serve basis. Exclusivity is available in your surrounding area; in an approximately 100 mile radius, regardless of state lines.
  • Comprehensive Music Package
    • Full wind instrumentation scores and parts
    • Reduced wind instrumentation scores and parts
    • Delivered in PDF format
  • Digital Drill Design Package
    • All adaptable drill sizes included
    • PDF portfolio containing drill charts and coordinate sheets
    • Pyware files for editing (Pyware 9 or higher required)
    • Drill animation in Quicktime format