Universal Duality

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Music Only: $995.00
Drill Only: $595.00

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Music Selections
Genre: Contemporary
Music Grade: 4
Performance Time: 5:36
Universal Duality Mendoza/Valenzuela
Drill Included Drill Sizes
Classification: Sch Reg A/Sch A
Drill Designer: Mitch Rogers
Total Drill Sets: 53
2 Snare 1 Tenor 4 Bass
3 Snare 2 Tenor 4 Bass
4 Snare 2 Tenor 5 Bass
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"Universal Duality" lies within the element of change. The evolution of the universe and music are intertwined, ever changing with each passing moment. This idea is carried throughout the show, utilizing various timbres, colors, and genres in order to convey the notion of change. From the modern, pop-like sound of the opener, to the laid-back groove section in the middle, "Universal Duality" offers a fresh, exciting perspective on the sudden change music can deliver at a moment's notice. With such musical freedom incorporated into the composition, visual & design elements are not limited to one concept alone, thus allowing a multitude of options for the instructor and performer alike.

What's Included in the Price?

  • Wind/Percussion Score and Parts
    • Hard-copy format only
  • Digital Drill Design Package
    • Convenient download format
    • All adaptable drill sizes included
    • PDF portfolio containing drill charts
    • Pyware files for editing (Pyware 9 or higher required)
    • Quicktime Drill Animation
  • Contest Protection*
    • Drill will be contest protected, on a first come-first serve basis, for each contest performance location you will be attending during the current marching season. This policy will protect each band purchasing drill with exclusivity, based on their performance schedule, providing a one-of-a-kind show at each contest location regardless of state lines. Participation in WGI Championships requires an additional license rental fee of $500 on all non-Row Loff shows).

*Row-Loff Productions shows carry only 100-mile radius exclusivity on DRILL ONLY and standard features may differ from others. Price includes license rental for one competitive season only.