América Latina

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Music Selections
Genre: Latin
Music Grade: 2.5
Performance Time: 6:59
Malagueña Michael Sweeney
Sway (Quien Será) Michael Brown, Will Rapp
Cuban Pete Rapp
Latin Closer* Jay Bocook

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Drill Included Drill Sizes
Drill Grade: 2
Drill Designer: Jeff Fackler
Total Drill Sets: 30
39 Woodwinds 33 Brass 14 Percussion 20 Guard 106 Total
33 Woodwinds 27 Brass 12 Percussion 16 Guard 88 Total
27 Woodwinds 21 Brass 10 Percussion 12 Guard 70 Total
20 Woodwinds 16 Brass 8 Percussion 10 Guard 54 Total
13 Woodwinds 11 Brass 8 Percussion 8 Guard 40 Total
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Discover the rich musical flavors of Latin America through fiery fanfares, dark harmonic textures and festive celebrations! Your students and audience will have a blast with this tapestry of Latin cultures.

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