Paisajes de España

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Drill Only: $950.00
Music Only: --

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Genre: Latin
Music Grade: --
Performance Time: --
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Drill Grade: 3
Drill Designer: Jeff Fackler
Total Drill Sets: 44
35 Woodwinds 29 Brass 10 Percussion 16 Guard 90 Total
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Take your audience on a journey through the magnificence of Spain, including the Romance of the Basque Country and the infamous running of the bulls.

This show has been reduced in length by the following cuts:
Mm.120-132 - :23 removed - *add a fermata on beat 1 of m. 119, then release and count off m.133 to start Movement II.
Mm.168-283 - :27 removed
Mm.194-201 - :20 removed
Mm.209-216 - :22 removed
Mm.242-247 - :14 removed
Mm.252-263 - :25 removed

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