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Music Selections
Genre: Rock/Pop
Music Grade: 3
Performance Time: 6:49
Higher Ground Jay Dawson, Jim Reed
Creep Jay Dawson
Umbrella Beach Jay Dawson
Drill Included Drill Sizes
Drill Grade: 2
Drill Designer: Jeff Fackler
Total Drill Sets: 32
32 Woodwinds 28 Brass 10 Percussion 14 Guard 84 Total
27 Woodwinds 23 Brass 10 Percussion 12 Guard 72 Total
22 Woodwinds 18 Brass 8 Percussion 10 Guard 58 Total
16 Woodwinds 14 Brass 8 Percussion 8 Guard 46 Total
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Assembled from the repertoire of current rock groups, redHOTradioCITY combines alternative and electronic rock music from the groups Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead and Owl City. With musical elements conducive to the marching band idiom and slightly off the path of mainstream rock, your students will take interest in performing this show of relevant and substantive music.

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