T.O.P. In Concert

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Drill Only: $895.00
Music Only: $205.00

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Music Selections
Genre: Jazz
Music Grade: 3.5
Performance Time: 6:50
You Ought to Be Having Fun / What Is Hip? Victor López
You're Still a Young Man Victor López
Down to the Nightclub / What Is Hip? Victor López
Drill Included Drill Sizes
Drill Grade: 3
Drill Designer: Serge Walsh
Total Drill Sets: 38
45 Woodwinds 39 Brass 14 Percussion 22 Guard 120 Total
39 Woodwinds 33 Brass 10 Percussion 18 Guard 100 Total
29 Woodwinds 27 Brass 10 Percussion 14 Guard 80 Total
23 Woodwinds 19 Brass 8 Percussion 10 Guard 60 Total
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Started over 40 years ago, Tower of Power is still going strong and wowing sold-out audiences.  Based on the unforgettable music and soulful tunes of the jazz-funk band, five of their most popular hits are combined for a seriously hip show.

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