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Box 5 Productions

Show Title Grade Genre Sets Time
The 47 Ronin Medium Ethnic 397:48
Above And Beyond! Medium Contemporary 497:25
Afterworld Medium Contemporary 577:32
Alcatraz Medium Contemporary 496:06
Alcatraz Medium Contemporary 598:27
Along Came A Spider Easy-Medium Contemporary 486:44
Angels & Demons Medium Contemporary 518:01
Aqua Easy Contemporary 385:47
Babylonia Easy-Medium Ethnic 405:33
Balance Easy-Medium Contemporary 427:35
Bases Loaded Easy-Medium Americana 406:04
New Believe Again Medium Contemporary --7:51
New Believe Again Medium Contemporary --7:51
Blueprint Easy Contemporary 446:35
Boundaries Easy Contemporary 397:02
A Brave New World Easy-Medium Classical 537:08
BUGZ! Medium-Advanced Contemporary 617:30
By The Sword Easy-Medium Contemporary 577:10
Caliente Easy-Medium Latin Inspired 457:28
Camelot: The Once and Future King Medium Contemporary 496:44
Celestial Journeys Medium Contemporary 496:44
Chess - The Art Of Strategy Medium Contemporary 598:00
City Of Light Easy-Medium Classical 436:56
Cityscapes Easy-Medium Jazz 456:59
Cleopatra Easy-Medium Contemporary 547:31
Climb, The Medium Contemporary 638:08
Codes Easy Contemporary 395:45
Colors Easy-Medium Contemporary 366:39
Connexus Medium-Advanced Contemporary 537:06
Conspiracy Theory Easy Contemporary 437:30
Corazon Partido Medium Latin Inspired 477:28
Coven, The Medium-Advanced Contemporary 517:45
Crown, The Easy Contemporary 457:04
New A Day At The Track Medium Contemporary --7:11
Dead Men Tell No Tales Medium Contemporary 617:48
Desert Winds Medium Ethnic 576:10
Dia de Los Muertos Easy-Medium Latin Inspired 436:30
DreamZzz Medium Contemporary 626:35
El Diablo de Las Lomas Medium Latin Inspired 537:41
Elemental Easy-Medium Contemporary 467:41
Every Which Way Medium Contemporary 597:01
Evolution Easy Contemporary 396:45
Fabric Of Time, The Medium-Advanced Contemporary 618:05
Fathoms Easy Contemporary 467:08
Fire & Ice Easy Contemporary 346:18
Frameworks Medium Contemporary 586:45
From The Earth To The Moon Easy Contemporary 306:04
Gangsta Jazz! Medium-Advanced Jazz 737:00
Heart Easy-Medium Contemporary 437:43
Heart, Mind & Soul Medium-Advanced Contemporary 678:24
Heroes & Villains Medium-Advanced Contemporary 608:08
Hope Of Spring, The Medium-Advanced Contemporary 567:39
How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse Easy-Medium Contemporary 556:31
I Believe Easy-Medium Contemporary 467:07
iBand Easy-Medium Contemporary 508:00
Ice Easy Contemporary 506:58
Imaginarium (The Music of Saint-Saƫns) Easy Classical 436:42
In The Arena Easy-Medium Contemporary 426:42
In the Shadow of Dragons Medium-Advanced Contemporary 637:48
In Three Words Easy-Medium Contemporary 497:05
Infected Easy-Medium Contemporary 496:32
Iron Horse Express, The Easy Contemporary 366:26
Journey Through Space Medium Contemporary --7:00
Jules Verne Journeys Medium-Advanced Contemporary 437:23
Julius Caesar Medium-Advanced Contemporary 597:42
Knight, The Medium-Advanced Contemporary 597:51
Labyrinth Medium Contemporary 488:09
Lost Easy-Medium Contemporary 385:50
Macabre Easy-Medium Classical 446:02
Machines, The Medium-Advanced Contemporary 597:28
Medusa Medium-Advanced Ethnic 677:35
Metallic Easy-Medium Contemporary 487:18
Midnight In Transylvania Medium-Advanced Contemporary 627:52
Mirror Image Medium Contemporary 507:19
New A Modern Twist Easy Classical --6:11
Murder Mystery Easy-Medium Contemporary 526:55
Music Of The Day Medium-Advanced Contemporary 687:53
MYSTery Medium Contemporary 527:34
Numb3rs Easy-Medium Contemporary 466:30
Old Glory Medium Americana 457:48
Olympus Medium Contemporary 436:23
Outside The Box Easy-Medium Contemporary 396:17
Pandora Reopened Medium Contemporary 447:34
Pandora's Box Medium Contemporary 567:03
Paranormal Easy-Medium Contemporary 536:46
Passion Easy-Medium Contemporary 596:47
Pathways Medium Contemporary 476:24
Phoenix Rising Easy-Medium Contemporary 577:15
Phoenix Rising Easy-Medium Classical 457:18
Picture This Easy-Medium Classical 436:39
Pirates! Medium Contemporary 466:57
Postcards Easy Contemporary 366:34
Pyramids of Egypt Easy-Medium Contemporary 386:27
Race, The Easy Contemporary 365:43
Red Medium-Advanced Ethnic 597:20
Resurrection Medium-Advanced Classical 577:28
Revolution and Triumph Medium Americana 437:03
The Rise And Fall Of Rome Medium Ethnic 457:15
Ristorante! Easy-Medium Contemporary 487:40
Rite of Passage Easy Contemporary 356:47
Romeo & Juliet: UNDEAD Medium-Advanced Contemporary 517:19
Se7en Deadly Sins Medium Contemporary 547:07
Shades Of Red Easy Latin Inspired 406:34
Shadows & Light Medium Contemporary 487:16
Shall We Dance? Medium Contemporary 437:38
Signs Medium Contemporary 657:40
Skylines Easy Contemporary 415:23
Sound, Shape & Color Easy-Medium Contemporary 497:04
Spartacus Medium-Advanced Contemporary 547:02
Spin Easy-Medium Contemporary 446:38
Stained Glass Medium Classical 507:46
Stonehenge Easy Contemporary 568:03
The Storm Medium Contemporary 597:18
This Just In Easy-Medium Contemporary 466:29
Time Machine Easy-Medium Contemporary 377:23
Time Piece Easy-Medium Contemporary 496:26
To Catch a Thief Easy Jazz 376:05
To Conquer The Air Medium Contemporary 557:44
Twinkle Easy-Medium Contemporary 446:16
Twisted Easy Contemporary 506:52
Uncharted Easy-Medium Contemporary 416:40
Undercover Easy-Medium Contemporary 527:25
Vertigo Medium-Advanced Contemporary 647:36
Wanted Medium Contemporary 527:44
Western Side Story Medium-Advanced Americana 516:42
Wired Easy-Medium Contemporary 516:53
The Witching Hour Medium Contemporary 608:00
The World of M. C. Escher Medium-Advanced Contemporary 607:47
X! Medium Contemporary 417:18

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Introducing Box 5 Productions

The ultimate field show package that takes all of the worry, time and planning out of marching band. Designed for groups ready for the next level, Box 5 Productions are created by world-class designers and composers and include regional exclusivity on music AND visual products! These exclusive show packages have everything you need for a fully-coordinated production including:

  • Pre-written drill design*
  • Exclusive music book
  • Color Guard Choreography*
  • Band Visual Choreography*
  • Rehearsal Tracks*
  • Even props, flags and t-shirts!

Each show is adaptable to most any band's instrumentation*. You won't find a more economical, top-of-the-line solution for your band. Every phrase is fully coordinated to offer your band the opportunity to perform at a competitive level and you, the director, the time to do what you do best: TEACH!

*See individual show information for available drill size and rehearsal tracks availability.


  1. Pyramids of Egypt
  2. Desert Winds
  3. Fire & Ice
  4. To Catch a Thief
  5. Machines, The
  6. Passion
  7. Aqua
  8. Climb, The
  9. Macabre
  10. Conspiracy Theory